Welcome to Wizating's FiveM script store



Wizating is a development team working to provide unique, custom scripts to the FiveM community.

We are dedicated to providing high script optimization, being community orientated, and building a better world for your roleplay server.

We have an array of different scripts to choose from such as a laptop handling editor for the car tuning enthusiasts, a completely unique fitness script bringing actual working bmi to FiveM for the fitness-focused, and many more.

All of our scripts are available on our monthly package starting as low as £7pm.

We believe this gives everybody a fair chance of being able to enjoy all of our scripts.

We are here to help you as soon as possible with any inquiries you may have.

If you have any questions before purchasing we advise you to join the discord.

We provide support for all our resources!

For videos on all our scripts visit our youtube.