Fitness / BMI

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The script is using FiveM's encryption system

Skill Bar included!

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This script brings BMI (Body Mass Index) to FiveM. Players will have to watch what they eat, no more chain eating burgers. Look after your characters health or risk heart failure from poor health and overexertion.

Has HTML which adds a watch that keeps track of (Comes as a useable item, editable in config):
kcal counter
heartrate (BPM) monitor

You can go to the gym to lower your BMI to become healthy again.
The gym is set up to use our skill bar resource. If you want to use the gym you will need to buy that resource, otherwise, you can disable the gym in the config.
The gym is set up so you can only use it x amount of times per day so people can't abuse it to spam lower BMI.

Running and swimming also lower's BMI, which can bring role play to all aspects of personal health, such as people who want to be personal trainers etc.

There are 4 stages, Underweight, Healthy, Overweight and Obese.
All but Healthy have negative effects on the player. Being Underweight and Obese you have a chance of having a heart attack when walking, running or swimming.

Walk styles change depending on your health status to give the look of being under or overweight.

Server owners will have to insert a simple trigger event for their food items to alter their BMI. These triggers can be used in anything, not just food items.

Required resources:

Notification system can be edited, but we have used mythic. - Now comes with the package!