Lost Heist

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Package Description

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This is a heist script that allows you to buy heist info from an NPC (which you can set).

The heist involves being told to contact a pilot who will give you a drop location for a coke package. The drop locations are changeable and will be picked randomly each time the heist is started.

You will arrive at the location and find that the LOST have stolen the package in which you will have to chase them down and kill the thief to get the package back.

After this, you are given a location to hand the package over. When you turn up the LOST will ambush you and the collector will not accept the package until you kill all the LOST.

You will be given a cash reward once you hand over the package and the heist ends.

Comes with a config to change settings:

You can change the drop locations, pickup location, NPC model and location, change the reward amount, the cost of the heist etc.

Required resources:

Context Menu resource:

Notification resource: