Wizating Stancer

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Package Description

The script is encrypted with FiveM's escrow service.


Required resource: Mysql-Async

We have created this to make the roleplay of stancing cars for mechanics a little better.

We created multiple functions that turn gta measurements into real life measurements so mechanics can roleplay putting x degrees of camber, x cm offset, x wheel width and x suspension height, to tell their customers the vehicle has said measurements applied.

It has been made so you can put your mechanic garages in the config and only allow mechanics to use the stancer in their garage(this can also be set to the centre of the map and a radius of 10000 and it will work server-wide if that's what you prefer)

Instead of sitting inside the vehicle like vstancer you stand outside.

You can pick to change just one wheel at a time or 2 or even do all 4 of the wheels at once. (Clicking the image in the bottom left will switch modes).

HTML UI is fully moveable so you can move it around your screen where you please. (Clicking on the icon in the bottom right).

You must have custom rims to use the wheel width and size. (they can be gta custom wheels or a correctly set up pair of modded rims will work also). If the vehicle does not have custom wheels you will not be given the option for wheel width and size. Wheel width and size due to the way gta is, has to be set for all wheels at the same time.

You now have the first in any stancer script on fivem with the ability to change the camber and offset of each wheel individually. Which was originally designed so mechanics can do one wheel at a time like they would you have to irl.

All changes you make with the stancer will affect your cars handling and Stancer settings are synced between all players.

No need for exports to reapply data when you respawn the car, it will automatically be set as soon as the vehicle is spawned.

Vstancer runs on my pc at around 0.45 ms with 0 cars tuned, our stancer runs at 0.15 average with over 10 cars tuned around.