Stancer V2

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Package Description

Required resource: Mysql-Async
Required resource: Mythic-Notify


Introducing our stancer script for enhanced roleplay on Grand Theft Auto (GTA) multiplayer servers! Our script is compatible with a variety of frameworks, including ESX, QB, Standalone, and custom frameworks Make sure to check out the V2 enhanced before purchasing! 

Features include: 

* Functions that convert GTA data into real-life measurements for camber, offset, wheel width, and suspension height giving users real world numbers to roleplay with!
* Ability to use the stancer in a specific mechanic garage or server-wide with a radius of 10000 around a central location on the map
* Stand outside the vehicle and make live changes visible to other players for immersive roleplay
* Multiple Jobs allowing users to add as many different job roles as they need
* Ability to move ui where you want it(only on enhanced version does it save)
* Optional animation that causes the player character to walk towards car and crouch down by the wheel they are working on **update after video made**
* Change the camber and offset of each wheel individually for a more authentic experience
* Affect the car's handling and sync stancer settings between all players
* You can pick to change just one wheel at a time or 2 or even do all 4 of the wheels at once. (Clicking the image in the bottom left will switch modes).
* No need for exports to reapply data when the car is respawned, as the settings will be automatically applied when the vehicle is spawned
* Syncs live to players around so they can watch you making changes in realtime!
* Configurable Config
* Open Source framework and notification functions

You must have custom rims to use the wheel width and size.(they can be gta custom wheels or correctly set up modded rims will work also).  
If the vehicle does not have custom wheels you will not be given the option for wheel width and size. Wheel width and size due to the way gta is, has to be set for all wheels at the same time.
This option is configurable in config for servers that do not want players resizing their wheels.

Our highly optimized stancer script outperforms vStancer and offers a unique and immersive roleplaying experience for mechanics in GTA multiplayer servers. Don't miss out – get yours today!