Wizup Car Lift

10.00 GBP

Package Description

Enhance Your FiveM Experience with Wizating Wizups


Elevate your FiveM garage with Wizups, the essential lift script for automotive enthusiasts and RP servers.

This meticulously crafted virtual asset allows players to drive their virtual cars onto the lift and elevate

them for detailed inspection, upgrades, or simply to show off their latest mods.

Immersive Role-Play Functionality

The Wizups script enhances role-playing scenarios, providing a realistic experience for automotive repair

jobs, custom car shops, and personal garages. Engage with your vehicle like never before in a virtual

environment, thanks to the true-to-life functionality of our lift script.

Sleek Design and Animation

Our Wizups come with a sleek design that fits perfectly into any in-game garage or workshop. The smooth animation

ensures a seamless interaction, as vehicles can be lifted and lowered with the press of a button, without any disruption

to your gameplay.

User-Friendly Interaction

Interacting with the Wizating Wizups is straightforward and intuitive, ensuring that players of all skill levels can

operate the lift with ease. Drive on, lift up, and get a bird’s-eye view of the underside of your vehicle for a thorough

inspection or customization session.

Customizable to Suit Your Server

The Wizups script is fully customizable, allowing server admins to adjust the settings to suit the unique needs of

their community. Whether it’s tweaking the lift speed, or other functionalities, our script is designed to be as

flexible as your gameplay requires.

Performance Optimized

We understand the importance of performance in FiveM. The Wizating Wizups script is optimized to run smoothly on

any server, ensuring that it doesn’t impact the load times or gameplay experience negatively.

Key Features:

    Realistic lifting and lowering

    Simple controls for easy operation

    High compatibility with a wide range of virtual vehicles

    Customizable settings for server admins

    Low impact on server performance