Bike Dyno

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Package Description

WizPRO Bike Dyno


We are pleased to release the 1st Fully Animated Motorcycle Dyno to the FiveM.

Introducing a groundbreaking addition to the realm of motorcycle diagnostics: a cutting-edge script designed to elevate the mechanic roleplay experience.
With this innovative tool, mechanics can now conduct dynamic tests on motorcycles, unleashing a new level of precision and accuracy in diagnostics.

One of the key features of this script is its versatility—it allows for motorcycle dyno testing to be performed at any location, seamlessly integrating into existing setups such as the renowned Wizating Dyno.
This means that mechanics can now conduct comprehensive tests on motorcycles, cars, and trucks all within the same workshop, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Designed with a focus on realism, this script aims to fully immerse enthusiasts in the intricacies of motorcycle diagnostics.
Whether you're passionate about motorcycles or automobiles, this script aims to be an indispensable tool for anyone seeking to delve deeper into the mechanics of these vehicles.

Experience the thrill of motorcycle diagnostics like never before with this must-have script, guaranteed to revolutionize the way you approach maintenance and repairs.


Key Features:
Front Wheel Support & Single Roller System.
Ratchet Straps to secure your bike in place.
Interactive Large TV Display: Dive into your bike's data with an easy-to-navigate UI, offering insights into performance metrics.
Built-in Fan & Air Flow Tunnel.


Innovative Dev Placement Tool:
Flexible Dyno Placement: Server owners can easily place multiple bike dynos across the server, perfect for mechanic shops or any desired location.

Please note you must not have more than ONE within the view location distance of each other.
Dev Placement Tool: Spawn and move a dev placement model to get precise location coordinates,

which you can then save to the config for placement.


Job Lockable:
Job Lock Feature: Restrict dyno access to specific jobs, such as mechanics, enhancing roleplay authenticity and job specificity.


Enhanced User Experience:
Real-Time Synchronized Analytics: Share the excitement of testing and tuning with synced results across all players.
Performance Tracking: Compare past and current performance data to gauge the impact of modifications.


Required resources:
Mysql-Async or OXMYSQL
Mythic-Notify(You can also switch this for your notification resource)