Dyno V2 + Garage

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Package Description

Introducing the Wizating Dyno Script: The Pinnacle of Automotive Roleplay in GTA Multiplayer Servers!


(Any Framework can be used, the framework side is unencrypted, allowing you to change it to your own!)

Our dyno script is compatible with a multitude of frameworks including ESX, QB, Standalone, and custom frameworks and takes your automotive roleplay to unprecedented levels. With its custom MLO, state-of-the-art Bapro dyno, sleek user interface, and laptop integration, the Wizating Dyno Script is the ultimate tool for any GTA mechanic.


Custom MLO: A New Dimension in Garage Realism
Immerse yourself in the custom MLO that transforms an ordinary building located behind the existing Go Postal building. The exterior has been spruced up to maintain harmony with the surrounding architecture, all while providing a gateway to a fully realized garage interior. This is where you'll encounter a cutting-edge Bapro dyno station, complete with adaptable platforms designed to fit vehicles of all sizes, along with adjustable ratchet straps, animated rollers, fans, wheel raisers, and much more.

Welcoming Reception and Amenities
As you make your way through the garage, a professionally designed reception desk and a cosy seating area beckon, complete with captivating wall art. For added immersion, you'll find a fully stocked tool station and a well-appointed two-room washroom.

State-of-the-Art Bapro Dyno
This is where the rubber meets the road or, in this case, the dyno. We have created multiple functions that take data from your vehicle to perform dyno tests on, which gives as realistic as possible horsepower and torque results. You get vital metrics like torque, horsepower, vehicle weight, peak RPM, and top-end speed.

Synced Dual-Screen Analytics
Whether you're stationed in front of the large TV or focused on the laptop, you'll be presented with real-time, synced analytics. Navigate from the welcome screen through drivetrain detection, platform setup, ratchet strap selection, and finally, a dyno graph that captures real-time engine revs.

Track Performance Over Time
Analyze your vehicle's progress by comparing past and present results. Our script not only provides current metrics but also retains a history for that vehicle, allowing you to evaluate the impact of modifications over time.

Laptop Integration: The Future of Vehicle Modding
Pair our dyno script with our specialized laptop (sold separately) for a comprehensive roleplay experience. Adjust various vehicle handling fields to fine-tune performance metrics and make your automotive roleplay more engaging. (Will also work with other scripts that edit the handling of a vehicle)

Sleek User Interface
Execute dyno tests effortlessly through our streamlined HTML user interface. Convenient buttons allow you to rerun tests, review past results, and fine-tune setup options, all directly from your vehicle live on TV.

Fully Synchronized User Journey
- Welcome Screen➜ Drivetrain Detection (FWD, RWD, or AWD)
- Platform Setup ➜ Ratchet Strap Selection
- Dyno Graph ➜ Results Page

Every action, every rev, and every result is synchronized across all players, elevating the roleplay experience to a shared, real-time adventure.

Additional Features
* Reusable Ratchet Straps: Choose from an array of straps to enhance the accuracy of your tests.
* Dynamic Drive Train Detection: Discover whether your vehicle employs a front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive system.
* Configurability: Adjust the movable platforms to make room for any vehicle.
* Real-Time Synchronization: Share every tweak, test, and triumph with other players in real time.

Don't settle for the status quo. Experience the future of GTA mechanics roleplay today with the unparalleled Wizating Dyno Script. Your garage will never be the same again! 

Required resources:  
Mysql-Async or OXMYSQL