Wizpak Car Lifts

20.00 GBP

Package Description

Wizating Working Car Lifts / 9 Custom 3dModels + Server synced script / Standalone


* Available on our Monthly Subscription for just (£10+vat)pm you get access to all of our current scripts on Tebex!!

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Optimised server synced lift script

You can leave the server come back they will all be in the same position you last seen them!

Custom made 3d Models containing 9 lifts! working with sound! fully server synced. for the ultimate mechanic immersion look no further,
due to the optimised models we have created you can fill all your garages with these Wizpak lifts without affecting performance.

Config allows you to spawn them in any location you please

Config allows for as many lifts to be spawned as needed

3 different lift sizes to suit different garage sizes and vehicle sizes. ( small medium and large)

3 textures (2 Wizpak originals, 1 touch of wizating)

Totaling 9 different models you can spawn in your server. in as many shops as you like!

Comes with a html to match the control box

Custom sound (using xsound)

Easy and convenient to use html (click to use no need to hold down)

Optimized models no texture issues created by these models!